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When you entrust someone with retrieving your lost data, you need an experienced data recovery company that can guarantee a professional service.

You’ll want peace of mind that your data will remain confidential, there’re no hidden fees, and that your data recovery is in the hands of skilled technicians and engineers.

We pride ourselves on the transparency of our data recovery service process, which ticks all the above boxes – plus many more.

Thus, TOTL – the official sales partner of Singaporean data rescue experts Greenergy – explains in detail why you can rest assured that you’ll get a data recovery service from us that meets the highest standards of professionalism.

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The data recovery service procedure

  1. You request your data retrieval service by online form or email.
  2. Greenergy gets back to you within 4 working days to get specifications of the drive that needs data recovery.
  3. You send the drive to Greenergy, or they’ll collect it. Courier charges are S$8 or S$15 a trip, depending on your location in Singapore.
  4. Greenergy carries out an initial evaluation and then provides you with a quotation, detailing:
  • Issues with the media;
  • Probability of data recovery success; and
  • A list of recoverable files.
  1. If you accept the quote, Greenergy goes ahead with your data recovery, with expert technicians working in a certified cleanroom. If you don’t wish to proceed at this stage, there’s no cancellation fee, and you either collect your media or Greenergy sends it back to you (courier charges apply).

If you need a Priority Fast service, the fee will be 50% higher. Priority Fast typically halves the standard service time of 2 – 7 days.

Tip: If you hire Greenergy through this website, you don’t pay for the Fast Priority service.

  1. On completion of the data retrieval process, Greenergy asks you to verify the data. If full recovery has been impossible, Greenergy may offer a goodwill discount. In the unlikely event that no data can be recovered, you don’t pay anything.
  2. If you’re satisfied with the data recovery, you make payment on receiving the data and your damaged drive. You can engage Greenergy’s drive data erasure service to ensure confidential data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The handover of data signifies that you accept it unconditionally.
  3. As a value-added service, Greenergy will keep your recovered data for 7 days, should you need a copy of it.

We can bring your data back intact

How Greenergy delivers your data recovery solution

If the size of data retrieved is less than 15GB, it’ll be stored on DVD, and given to you free of charge.

If the data is more than 15GB, it’ll need to be stored on an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Customers can supply their own or purchase one from Greenergy.

If you need a faster method of downloading the recovered data, Greenergy can set up an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server from which you can access your data.

How Greenergy protects your data privacy

All Greenergy staff sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with the company.

If required, Greenergy can sign an NDA with the customer.

How to send your hard drive to Greenergy

To avoid further damage to your hard drive, you need to handle it with care:

  • Get a qualified technician to remove the hard drive from the computer. Put the drive in an anti-static bag.
  • Clear static electricity from your body by making contact with a grounded object such as a cold-water pipe.
  • Wear an anti-static wrist strap.
  • Avoid touching the drive’s electrical connectors or circuit board.
  • Package the drive in a suitable carton, with at least 5 cm of packing material between the drive and the carton.
  • Put a copy of the Data Recovery Request Form in the package.
  • Use Greenergy’s pick-up service. (If engaging another courier, tell Greenergy when they can expect the drive, to reduce turn-around time).
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Expertise you can afford

TOTL, as the authorised sales partner of Greenergy, aims to provide small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore with the best data recovery services, at affordable prices.

Greenergy’s data recovery fees are among the lowest in Singapore.

The company’s skilled technicians use the latest data recovery technologies from Russia and the US, working in a certified cleanroom environment.

More than 85% of cases handled by Greenergy lead to data recover – 90% of these being fully retrievable.

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