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A professional USB flash drive data recovery service can save you the distress of permanently losing a wealth of important material. The large storage capabilities of USB flash drives mean that if things go wrong, you’ve got an awful lot to lose.

USB (universal serial bus) flash drives – also known as pen drives, thumb drives, and memory sticks – are small, portable devices used to store or back up computer data and to transfer files. They’re cheap, fast, and have a sizeable storage capacity.

Unlike a hard disk drive, USBs have no moving parts, which makes them more durable and reliable. However, they’re still susceptible to failure.

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Signs your USB flash drive is problematic

USB flash drive components can sustain damage that leads to loss of data. Problems include:

  • Improper ejection. Your computer constantly communicates with the flash drive. Removing a memory stick without going through the proper ejection process can corrupt data.
  • Controller burn-out. USB data is encrypted on a flash memory chip. A controller chip makes sense of this and allows you to see the data. If the controller burns out, you can’t access your data.

Signs of thumb drive having issues include:

  • Disk Needs Formatting message when the memory stick is inserted.
  • Issues reading or writing files to the USB.
  • No power to the memory stick.

We can bring your data back intact

Get help from flash drive data recovery company – TOTL/Greenergy

If you’ve accidentally deleted files from a USB flash drive, you can probably recover them by using undelete software. However, attempting a DIY fix in other cases of data loss can do more damage, resulting in permanent loss of all your data.

Flash memory writes and stores data differently from more conventional systems, like hard drives. The numerous bits of data that comprise a file in a pen drive are dispersed across several locations.

Experts in flash drive data recovery give you the best chance of recovering all your data at the first attempt.

Our professional flash drive data recovery service can carry out repairs to enable broken flash drive data recovery. We have the appropriate equipment and technology to remove memory chips and decrypt data. And we’ll scrutinise the metadata to pinpoint the separate elements that make up your data, and fix any corrupted or damaged storage sectors so your data can be retrieved safely.

Memory stick data recovery pricing and savings

The cost of thumb drive data recovery depends on the intricacy of the job and whether physical damage has been sustained.

Pricing for the flash drive data recovery service offered by the TOTL/Greenergy collaboration starts at S$75.

If you take advantage of Greenergy’s expertise via TOTL’s website, you’ll get a free priority service (charged at 50% of recovery fee).

Further, Greenergy will guarantee you:

  • Free evaluation/analysis
  • Free cancellation before a quote is accepted
  • Non-disclosure of data
  • No data rescued, no fee
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Expertise you can afford

TOTL has almost 20 years’ experience in IT services and is Greenergy’s Authorised Sales Partner. The two companies share the same goal of providing the best pen drive data recovery services at the most affordable prices.

Greenergy engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art flash drive data recovery technology from the U.S. and Russia. And they work in a class 100 cleanroom to prevent further damage to electronic components through airborne particles.

Hence, the high success rate. More than 85% of USB drive data recovery jobs performed by Greenergy lead to retrieval of data. In 90% of these cases, the lost material is recovered in its entirety.

Greenergy’s expertise in data recovery services has earned the company an enviable reputation amongst the largest enterprises in Singapore.

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