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We provide the specialist encrypted data recovery service that’s essential to getting a business back up and running, whether you’ve lost critical files through accidental deletion, hardware or software problems, or a ransomware attack.

Encryption turns electronic data into a code that can only be deciphered by someone with the decryption key.

Businesses, institutions, governments, and individuals use data encryption to protect critical documents and records and to guard against identity theft. It can secure a wide range of sensitive material, including medical records, emails, tax returns, credit card numbers, and chat histories.

Thus, encryption algorithms play a crucial role in data storage and transmission by protecting the confidentiality of the information.

It’s worth noting that the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) requires businesses and other organisations to take “reasonable security arrangements” like encryption.

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Signs your encrypted drive may be damaged

There are basically 4 levels of data encryption:

  1. Full-disk encryption
  2. File-level encryption
  3. Transparent data encryption
  4. Application encryption

Hard drive and SSD (solid-state drive)

Data can be lost from encrypted hard disk drives and SSDs through physical damage or issues such as virus attacks and overwriting of files. Since RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) are made up of multiple hard drives or SSDs, can be crippled in similar fashion too.

Common signs of an encrypted hard drive or SSD failing are:

  • Frequent error messages
  • Frequent crashes, particularly when booting up
  • Long waiting time to access data
  • Folders and file names becoming scrambled

USB flash drive

Encrypted data on a USB flash drive can be corrupted by improper ejection of the device from a computer or burn-out of the flash memory controller chip.

Signs of problems with an encrypted USB include:

  • Issues reading or writing files
  • Disk Needs Formatting message when the memory stick is inserted
  • No power to the memory stick

    We can bring your data back intact

    Encrypted data recovery service of TOTL/Greenergy

    Encryption makes it more difficult to recover lost data lost from a drive, so you need the help of professional data recovery services, and as soon as possible to give you the best chance of getting back all your data.

    To recover encrypted data intact, the client will have to provide the encryption key to decrypt either the data or the data storage medium.

    Our experienced data recovery technician will then work in a cleanroom environment to:

    • Assess the physical condition of the drive containing the encrypted data, and make any necessary repairs; and
    • Create an image of the drive’s data and clone it bit-by-bit to preserve the integrity of your drive.

    Ransomware data recovery

    Cyber extortionists use ransomware to make a victim’s files – that are usually stored on a server or NAS (network attached storage) in a corporate network – inaccessible by encrypting them, and then demanding a payment to decrypt them.

    Signs of a ransomware attack include:

    • Files you use regularly won’t open.
    • Internet connection is lost.
    • Your website home page changes.
    • Anti-virus software fails to run.

    Without access to the extortionists’ encryption key, nobody can recover that data.

    That said, certain ransomware encrypts only recently accessed data, so your older data sets may still be safe. Older ransomware (let loose before 2015) may even back up data before encryption, so salvage may possible.

    As an encrypted data recovery expert, TOTL/Greenergy will be able to utilise the correct and effective ransomware data recovery approach, either by locating a decryption system for the encoded files or retrieving data that wasn’t affected.

    Encrypted data recovery pricing and savings

    Encrypted HDD/SSD data recovery
    Has no damaged component
    Has damaged component
    S$400 or more
    Encrypted USB flash drive
    Has no damaged component
    S$75 or more
    Has damaged component

    If you hire Greenergy via TOTL’s website, you’ll get free priority service (the cost is 50% of the recovery fee).

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    Expertise you can afford

    As the authorised sales partner of Greenergy, TOTL aims to offer small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore the most affordable, highest standards of encrypted data recovery.

    TOTL, with nearly 20 years in the IT business, only aligns itself with fellow service providers who are professional and trustworthy.

    Highly-skilled Greenergy technicians work in a class 100 cleanroom to prevent further damage to drives, and use advanced encrypted data recovery technology from the US and Russia.

    Therefore, more than 85% of encrypted data recovery jobs carried out by Greenergy result in restoration of data. In 90% of these cases, the lost material is recovered in its entirety.

    Greenergy can recover data from drives encrypted by many different systems, including:

    • Check Point Full Disk Encryption
    • McAfee Drive Encryption
    • Microsoft BitLocker
    • Sophos SafeGuard
    • Symantec Endpoint Encryption
    • WinMagic SecureDoc
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