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A professional server data recovery service can get a small business suffering from an IT disaster back up quickly, thereby preventing it from going under.

Studies have shown that 70% of small enterprises that suffer a major data loss (like a server breakdown that adversely affecting critical commercial operations) may go out of business within 12 months.

A server is a central computer that other computers within a network connects to so as to access information, e.g. files and data, stored there. The server also manages resources, like shared programmes, and services needed by linked computing devices. Examples of business servers: file server, print server, web server, mail server, and database server.

Servers can be placed in homes too – usually to store and share photos, music files, and videos. However, media servers normally don’t require the level of sophistication needed by businesses. Hence, network attached storage (NAS) devices are commonly employed as home servers.

Hard drives are where data and files are stored on the server. And the use of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive [or Independent] Disks) for data storage in business servers provides redundancy.

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Signs a server is failing which could lead to data loss

Huge volumes of vital data can become inaccessible to a hard drive or RAID in the event of a server failure.

A server can be hit by:

  • Hardware failure like a hard drive crash
  • Network problems
  • Human error
  • Software database error
  • Infiltrations like email phishing attachments
  • Viruses such as trojans and worms
  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack
  • Power outage/surge

Signs that your server is having problems include:

  • Excessive heat. This can be a symptom of underlying power supply or memory issues.
  • Slow data transfer. This is often a sign of deep-seated problems.
  • Crashes for no apparent reason
  • File system issues
  • Command line freezes
  • Strange noises from the hard drive

We can bring your data back intact

The server data recovery service of TOTL/Greenergy

Server data recovery is usually crucial for a business to continue functioning – and you may only get one shot at it.

Another reason to get expert help is that servers, unlike PCs, generally have advanced storage facilities such as RAID.

The server data recovery technicians of TOTL/Greenergy work in a cleanroom facility when the drives are dismantled and/or repaired. The drives are then cloned and scanned to determine the configuration of the storage system before professional data recovery software is employed.

Competitive server data recovery pricing and savings

The TOTL partnership with leading Singaporean data recovery services specialists Greenergy offers competitively-priced data rescue from top server brands:

  • Dell server data recovery
  • Fujitsu data recovery
  • HP server data recovery
  • IBM server data recovery
  • Linux data recovery

Operating systems covered include:

  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • macOS Server
  • Unix

The pricing of our server data recovery service is generally determined by the complexity of the process and whether there’s any physical damage.

Storage has no damaged component
Storage has damaged component
Server data recovery
S$1,500 or more

Greenergy may offer to buy a damaged drive for spare parts.

Customers who engage Greenergy via the TOTL website will get free fast, priority service that normally cost an additional 50% of the regular fee.

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Members of TOTL – the authorised sales partner of Greenergy – have nearly 20 years of experience in delivering IT solutions to the Singaporean business community. And we only enter into business collaborations with the highest calibre of service providers.

Greenergy, founded in 1997, boasts a high data retrieval success rate. Its skilled engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art technologies from the US and Russia.

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