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An experienced magnetic tape data recovery service can enable your business to get back important documents and records you thought might be lost forever.

Although an old technology, magnetic tape is still used by businesses to store and archive data of servers within a large computer network. It’s because of its low cost, high level of durability, and large storage capacity, when compared with hard disk drives and solid-state drives.

Tape stores data in the same way as your computer but with magnetic states representing the 0s and 1s instead of switching an electric circuit on or off. These data bits are held on a magnetic layer suspended in a polymer binder that holds the magnetic particles together.

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Causes of tape data loss

If a tape binder loses integrity through wear and tear, the tape may become unreadable.

Data can also be lost through changes in the magnetic properties of the tape, dirty read/write heads (sometimes called tape drives), and fire and water damage.

Further, data loss issues may arise if a tape cassette or cartridge is dropped, or left in strong sunlight or near electronic equipment.

Tape can also be contaminated by fingerprints, mould, dust, and airborne pollutants.

One sign that your tape storage system may be failing is when the tape won’t move across the read/write head. This “stiction” may cause the tape to bond itself to the head, causing damage to data.

We can bring your data back intact

Use the professional magnetic tape data recovery service of TOTL/Greenergy

If you’ve lost data from tape, your best chance of getting it back is by engaging a specialist in tape data retrieval and tape drive data recovery.

A professional tape data retrieval technician will work in a cleanroom environment to prevent further damage to the tape.

A typical tape data recovery may entail:

  • Determining the condition of the tape.
  • Extensive cleaning, and repairs if necessary.
  • Reading the clean tape on hardware similar to that supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Copying the data to special servers to carry out the recovery process.

LTO (Linear Tape-Open) data recovery

The LTO open-format storage technology was created in the late 1990s – in a joint effort involving HP, IBM, and Seagate – to make magnetic tapes compatible with multiple tape storage devices so as to provide users with more choices. The LTO tapes are in their 8th edition as of July 2018.

We provide data recovery service for both LTO and proprietary magnetic tapes.

Tape data recovery pricing and savings

The TOTL/Greenergy partnership specialises in retrieval of lost tape data.

If you hire Greenergy through this website, you’ll get free priority, fast service that would have amounted to 50% of the recovery cost.

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Expertise you can afford

TOTL is the authorised sales partner of Greenergy.

Members of TOTL have nearly 20 years’ experience of providing IT services to small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore. So, we understand how catastrophic tape data loss can be.

Further, TOTL only enters into a business collaboration with reputable, client-focused service providers with affordable prices.

Greenergy has an impressive success rate in tape data recovery. Over 85% of cases result in data retrieval – 90% of these being fully recoverable.

A result like this can be credited to Greenergy’s skilled engineers and technicians, advance facilities, and use of cutting-edge data recovery technology from the US and Russia.

Greenergy’s been providing expert data recovery services since 1997.

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