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We’re the professional specialist data recovery services company that offers you the best chance of retrieving critical information that have suddenly vanished.

When a business suffers data loss, the consequences can be devastating. Small businesses may be particularly at risk because they lack the security and backup resources of large corporations.

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Even with a backup system, restoring business data to the exact state it’s in before it’s lost can be very difficult.

When a business loses critical data, the outcome can be dire, causing:

  • Productivity disruption
  • Damage to reputation
  • Exposure of confidential information
  • Loss of customer loyalty
  • Potential business failure

We can bring your data back intact

Data deleted or in damaged storage media can be recovered

How your data may be lost

The most common devices or media used to store electronic data are hard disk drives (HDD), SSDs (solid-state drives), network attached storage (NAS) appliances, USB flash drives, and SD cards.

Inappropriate actions that may lead to the disappearance of data are:

Hardware factors

Software factors

  • Incorrect shutdown of software files
  • Corruption of operating system or firmware
  • File system corruption
  • Lost disk partition
  • Inability to read an unknown file format

Human factors

  • Accidental deletion or overwriting
  • Formatting of hard drive
  • Spilling of drinks
  • Misplacing memory sticks and CDs
  • Sabotage/hacking
  • Theft, particularly laptops and phones

Environmental factors

  • Fire or water damage
  • Power cut or surge

External factors

  • Virus infection/malware attack
  • Ransomware

The good news is: if you’ve accidentally deleted data, the information hasn’t actually vanished into thin air. Even if you’ve emptied your device’s trash bin, the data is still recoverable – you just don’t know where it is.

Different systems have different ways of tracking deleted files. With Windows, for instance, a master file will point to the location of every file on your storage device. Macs work along similar lines, with an allocation table keeping a record of what parts of a hard drive are being used.

Stop using your data storage device if accidental deletion of data has occurred! When you create new files, you can overwrite or destroy the deleted file.

As with deletion, data that’s inaccessible because the media it’s stored on has become damaged can also be retrieved with professional diagnostic and retrieval techniques.

Nevertheless, the fact that deleted files can be retrieved poses the risk of hackers gaining access to them. This problem can be solved by an experienced data recovery firm that also offers data erasure services to destroy data completely.

We can bring your data back intact

Engage only a professional data recovery company

Attempting to recover deleted files or data from damaged storage media without professional help is likely to do more harm than good.

Unless you’re a data recovery pro, it’s best to let the experts handle the job or risk the permanent loss of valuable files.

But finding a reliable, efficient, and affordable data recovery provider can be challenging. Common pet peeves of people seeking help include:

  • Having one shot at getting back your data: the first attempt provides the best chance of a successful outcome.
  • Hiring a data recovery company that can’t retrieve your information but still charge you.
  • Some data recovery centres charge high rates that only large corporations can afford.
  • Some data recovery providers take a long time to do the job – months in some cases.
  • A data recovery firm’s way of handling your confidential or sensitive material.
  • The lack of forensic data recovery services when the information to be retrieved is required to be admissible in a court of law.

TOTL and Greenergy team up to offer outstanding data recovery services!

TOTL was born out of a desire to give SMEs in Singapore access to the best digital data retrieval services – at highly competitive prices.

The company came into being after the people behind it – having almost 20 years of experience in providing IT services to SMEs here – discovered that many data recovery services in Singapore appeared to fall below our own high standards as an IT services provider.

Thus, many of us simply had to put up with lost data.

However, we all deserve the same quality and reliability of data rescue that major institutions and business organisations rely on.

This is how TOTL landed on the doorstep of veteran data recovery experts Greenergy, whose client base reads like a Who’s Who of the major players in the Singaporean business world.

Further, Greenergy shares our values of:

  • Total commitment to customer satisfaction;
  • Transparency in pricing; and
  • Providing affordable, quality services.

TOTL is now the authorised sales partner of Greenergy.

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  • High success rate. More than 85% of cases handled by Greenergy result in data retrieval – 90% of these being fully recoverable.
  • Affordable pricing. Greenergy’s data recovery fees are among the lowest in Singapore.
  • TOTL customers will get Greenergy’s Priority Fast service free-of-charge. This cuts the service time by half and would normally cost 50% more.
  • Customer liaison will be handled directly by Greenergy upon web registration to streamline the data recovery service process, so your needs will be attended to quickly.
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