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Industry-leading Windows and Mac PC and laptop data recovery service is available in Singapore, ready to come to your rescue if you lose crucial material from your computer. And TOTL makes this service available at absolutely competitive prices.

Desktop PCs store data on the magnetic surface of disks in the computer’s hard disk drive. These disks (or platters) spin rapidly, so are susceptible to mechanical breakdown. Crashed read/write head, damaged platters, or broken spindles can occur. In fact, the hard drive is the part of your PC most likely to develop problems.

As for laptops, they’re designed for use on the move. Hence, they’re more vulnerable than standard PCs to damage that causes loss of data. Laptops take knocks and get dropped. They also generate a lot of heat during use, and a blocked fan vent can result in critical components overheating.

Even if a laptop is installed with an SSD (solid-state drive), the SSD can still be damaged by other factors, such as power supply malfunction, including power spikes.

Global warranty provider SquareTrade estimates that 1 in 3 laptops will fail within 3 years.

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Failed hard drive or SSD of a PC or laptop can cause data loss

You can tell if your hard disk drive is on the brink of failure when:

  • Your computer often crashes, especially when you boot up.
  • You see error messages a lot.
  • File names get jumbled.
  • You have to wait a long time to access data.
  • You can hear the drive making odd sounds.

For SSD, you may experience:

  • The drive becomes read-only.
  • Frequent crashes.
  • Bad Block error messages being displayed.

If you’ve lost important data because of a damaged drive, don’t attempt to recover it by yourself – chances are you’d lose the data permanently. Your safest bet would be to seek the help of a data recovery specialist.

We can bring your data back intact

Hire a professional PC and laptop data recovery service

If you’ve lost important data through accidental deletion of files and then emptying the recycle bin, you may still be able to get this material back – provided you take the right actions quickly.

One way to recover deleted data is to use an undelete software programme. Undelete software works because deleted files usually don’t entirely disappear: they’re hidden somewhere within the system, waiting to be overwritten. It follows that if other data is sent to a hard drive after the accidental deletion of a file, the retrieval of that file may then become impossible.

However, the best chance of recovering all your data is the first attempt, when carried out by experts as soon as possible after the data loss.

If required, a professional data rescue firm can dismantle your hard drive in a cleanroom, which protects the drive from further damage by dust and other particles in the air.

The steps in our data recovery process are:

  1. Evaluation of the drive in a class 100 cleanroom environment to discover the source of the problem.
  2. Identification of the techniques most likely to resolve the issue.
  3. You’ll be informed of the results of the analysis.
  4. If the data is recoverable, a quotation will be sent to you for approval.
  5. Recovered data goes through a stringent quality control process to make sure it’s useable.
  6. The data is returned on your preferred media.

TOTL/Greenergy – the data recovery specialists for PCs and laptops

The TOTL/Greenergy collaboration specialises in Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac data recovery.

The brands we can retrieve your data from include:

  • Acer PC and laptop
  • Apple iMac and MacBook
  • ASUS PC and laptop
  • Dell PC and laptop
  • HP PC and laptop
  • Lenovo PC and laptop
  • Samsung PC and laptop
  • Hitachi PC
  • MSI laptop

Operating systems of the PCs and laptops we cover include:

  • Windows data recovery
  • Mac hard drive data recovery (macOS)
  • Linux data recovery

PC and laptop data recovery pricing and savings

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Storage has damaged component
PC & laptop data recovery
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If you engage Greenergy through TOTL, you’ll get free Fast Priority service (priced at 50% of our regular fees).

Greenergy may also offer to buy a damaged hard drive for spares.

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As a leading authorised sales partner of Greenergy, TOTL can offer expert PC and laptop data recovery services – including Apple MacBook data recovery and MacBook Air SSD data recovery – at highly-competitive prices for individuals and small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore.

Greenergy has been providing data retrieval operations since 1997, using the latest technologies from Russia and the US.

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