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The TOTL/Greenergy RAID data recovery service would bring missing data critical to your business back

Our RAID data recovery service is known to be one of the finest in the world. When you engage us, the probability of getting all your lost data back will be extremely high.

The RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or Independent) Disks – system is a configuration of two or more disk drives working in parallel, which a computer operating system sees as a single point of data storage. It’s used to improve the reliability of storage and the boost performance of a computer server or NAS (Network Attached Storage).

Data can be distributed across the drives in numerous ways, called RAID levels. Each level provides a different balance of the key objectives of reliability, capacity, performance, and access.

Although RAID arrays are generally more dependable than single-disk systems in managing and accessing data, they’re susceptible to breakdown, like all mechanical equipment.

A RAID failure can result in the loss of a massive amount of valuable information and files, particularly if the data hasn’t been backed up properly.

Your RAID can fail resulting in data loss
Damaged hard drive

RAID uses hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD).

RAID hard disk drives can lose data through overheating, damaged platters, broken spindles, and fire and water damage. The flash memory of RAID solid-state drives, which stores data as electrical charges, is susceptible to an overload that degrades capacity.

RAID controller failure

Both HDDs and SSDs can be damaged by a power outage or surge, which can also affect the RAID controller hardware that manages the system.

A power surge or mechanical or controller failure can put several drives out of action simultaneously. If this happens, the logical volumes will be lost as well as the data.

In the event of a controller failure, access to the various drives and the data on them will be impossible. Worse still, rebooting the RAID at this point could overwrite the data.

RAID controller failure data recovery entails replacing the hardware with an identical, fully-functioning controller.

If your RAID system is managed by software, as opposed to a hardware controller, human error such as accidental deletion can pose problems, as can the overwriting of files.

Recovery of lost RAID data is a job for professionals, and the sooner you bring them in, the better your chances of a full retrieval of your data.


Our RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 data recovery service process

We provide RAID data recovery services across all levels of the system, including:

  • RAID 0 data recovery
  • RAID 1 data recovery
  • RAID 5 data recovery
  • RAID 6 data recovery
  • RAID 10 data recovery

Our expert RAID server data recovery technicians will follow a process like this:

  • Member drives from the array that are still working are cloned to reliable media.
  • Faulty drives are repaired and cloned.
  • The original media is put into safe storage.
  • Using the clones, the array is scanned to determine how the system was configured.
  • The array goes through a de-striping process.
  • Partitions are mounted using RAID recovery software.
  • Final checks are carried out.

RAID data recovery cost estimates and savings

Over 85% of RAID data recovery cases dealt with by Greenergy result in data retrieval, and in 90% of these cases, full recovery is achieved.

Nevertheless, our fees remain highly-competitive, starting from:

  • S$750 (non-physical damage)
  • S$1,500 (physical damage)

Individuals and businesses who hire Greenergy through this website get fast, priority service completely free (which others pay 50% more).

Further, non-business customers, including students, get a discount.

What’s more, the Greenergy RAID data recovery service guarantees:

  • Free evaluation
  • Free cancellation before a quote is accepted
  • Data privacy
  • No fee if data is not recovered

Lost your data and need it retrieved?

We have the expertise to help you out.
Plus we don't charge if no data is recovered.


Expertise you can afford

TOTL, as the authorised sales partner of Greenergy – specialists in data recovery services – aims to make the very best and most affordable RAID recovery services available to individuals and small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore.

Greenergy is widely regarded as a world leader in RAID data retrieval, and it’s highly-skilled engineers and technicians use specially-developed technologies.

The company’s huge list of satisfied clients speaks for itself. Greenergy’s client base includes:

  • LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore’s only dedicated contemporary arts college.
  • Takashimaya Shopping Centre, with more than 100 speciality stores on its Singaporean site.
  • Wing Tai Holdings, a leading property and lifestyle company based in Singapore.

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