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TOTL can offer you an Android tablet and iPad data recovery service that provides a high-quality, low-priced solution to rescue your treasured personal material or critical business records.

Android tablets, including Samsung devices, are run on a Google operating system (OS), whereas iPad tablets are powered by Apple’s iOS.

Individuals might use a tablet as a portable media and gaming centre and to connect with chat apps.

Businesses find tablets handy to get jobs done on the move, creating presentations for meetings, and updating websites and blogs. Other important business functions of a tablet may include taking payments at the point of sale while keeping the inventory up to date.

Hence, a lot of valuable data gets stored in the internal memory and the expandable memory, SD card, of tablets. And it needs protection.

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Indications that a tablet is on the blink

Both Androids and iPads use SSD flash memory technology to operate the system and retain your information. Flash memory stores data as electrical charges, which can build up over time and degrade capacity.

Power supply issues such as dips and surges are also common in tablets, and a power spike can put the battery charger out of action. Batteries also degrade over time as they complete charge cycles.

Being designed for portability, tablets are also susceptible to damage from knocks and bumps, being dropped, and getting wet in the rain (not all tablets are water resistant).

Signs that your tablet may have sustained damage likely to cause data loss include:

  • This can cause a breakdown of various system components.
  • Crashes or frequent OS Rebooting notifications.
  • Frozen screen.
  • Unresponsive touch screen.

We can bring your data back intact

Engage an Android tablet and iPad data recovery service professional

Retrieving data from a tablet poses specific difficulties that require the services of a professional. These issues include proprietary encryption and algorithms.

Access is another problem. For instance, Apple’s iPad doesn’t have a removable SSD: the flash memory cells are soldered to the logic board. This is why you need a specialist iPad data recovery service.

Further, experienced tablet data recovery technicians work in a cleanroom to access your device without exposing it to risk of damage from airborne particles.

They’ll have the latest technology and techniques at their fingertips to diagnose the source of the problem and carry out an effective solution for Android tablet data recovery – including Samsung tablet data recovery – and iPad data recovery.

Tablet data recovery pricing

TOTL partners with Singaporean tablet data rescue specialists Greenergy to offer highly-competitive pricing for tablet data recovery.

If you engage Greenergy through this website, you’ll enjoy free Fast Priority service that’s charged at 50% of normal data recovery service rate.

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As an authorised sales partner of Greenergy, TOTL is focused on making the highest standard of tablet data recovery services available at the lowest prices to Singaporean individuals and small and medium enterprises (SME).

With almost 20 years’ experience in the IT business, TOTL only aligns itself with fellow service providers of the highest calibre and integrity.

Greenergy has a high success rate in data recovery services, and tablet data recovery in particular, with more than 85% of cases resulting in data retrieval – 90% of these being fully recoverable.

Tablet brands and operating systems covered include Apple and Samsung, and Android and iOS, plus many more.

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