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Skilled forensic data recovery services are essential to secure critical evidence for court cases. Most digital activities leave a trail that forensic data retrieval specialists can follow to recover evidence, despite efforts to conceal or destroy it.

Forensic data recovery differs from other data retrieval techniques. The forensic element dictates that the information recovered must be admissible in a law court, criminal or civil.

Prosecution or defence in criminal cases and civil litigation may require digital forensic evidence in cases of email abuse, online fraud, internet abuse such as stalking, identity theft, data theft, hacking and virus attacks, and unauthorised data duplication.

What a professional forensic data recovery involves

Cybercrime is on the rise globally, and in 2018 the Singapore Government set up a 5-year National Cyber Security Masterplan to combat the problem.

However, when forensic data is lost, recovering this information involves following stringent guidelines and protocols to make sure the evidence obtained is legally admissible.

Forensic data recovery has to work along the same lines as an investigation to secure physical evidence at an alleged crime scene. To avoid contamination of digital evidence, the storage media and the data cannot be altered.

Nevertheless, the evolving computing landscape presents new challenges. So, recovery specialists who are involved in digital forensics need to keep themselves updated with such transformations.

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Forensic hard drive and mobile phone data recovery services

Specialised forensic data recovery techniques are typically used to extract information from PCs and laptops, tablets, and phones.

Getting this data will entail either a forensic hard drive data recovery or retrieval of evidence from a solid-state drive, requiring forensic data recovery from flash memory. Accessing flash memory for forensic mobile phone data recovery, including forensic iPhone data recovery, can be a particularly intricate process.

How a forensic data recovery technician works

When a professional data recovery company accesses digital media for forensic data recovery, its technicians will:

  • Work in a cleanroom to avoid damage through dust.
  • Use a write-blocker to ensure integrity of the data.
  • Isolate and retrieve the target data.
  • Limit access to the process and keep records of who has done what.
  • Generate a forensic report detailing the whole process.
  • Attend the resulting court hearing as a professional witness.

Pricing of forensic data recovery services

Factors determining the cost of forensic data recovery services depend on:

  • Type of storage media. Example: Data recovery for RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) on a server or NAS (network attached storage) would cost more than single hard disk or SSD.
  • Complexity of the recovery process
  • Types of report that need to be generated
  • Number of court witness appearances

Pricing by Singaporean forensic data retrieval specialists Greenergy starts at S$5,000 for drives that haven’t been physically damaged.

If you hire Greenergy through this website, you’ll get the company’s Priority Fast service for free. This reduces the service time by half and would usually cost 50% more.


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TOTL is the authorised sales partner of Greenergy.

Members of TOTL have been providing IT services to small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore for almost 20 years.

We only enter into business collaborations with fellow service providers of the highest integrity and with an impressive track record of customer commitment in providing outstanding service.

The TOTL/Greenergy partnership is aimed at making expert forensic data recovery available at highly-competitive rates.

And Greenergy data recovery fees are among the lowest in Singapore. The company keeps its pricing affordable without compromising on quality. One of the ways it does this is by keeping overheads to a minimum.

Greenergy’s experienced technicians use the latest data recovery technologies from Russia and the US, working in a certified cleanroom environment. Hence, more than 85% of cases handled by the company result in data retrieval – 90% of these being fully recoverable.

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