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The data recovery services of TOTL/Greenergy would get your lost computer files back

Our professional computer data recovery services provide the best solution when you’ve lost crucial material from a computer.

A DIY approach to complex data retrieval is likely to end in anguish – the permanent loss of sensitive information, or images of loved ones, for instance.

You may only get one opportunity to get your data back, and the experts give you the best chance of full recovery of all the material you’ve lost.

How data loss can happen

There’re numerous occasions when data loss can occur, some more common than others. Most cases of data loss happen in instances of:

  • Files or programs being accidentally deleted
  • Files being overwritten
  • Hardware failure such as a head crash on a hard drive
  • A hard disk drive being formatted
  • A power cut resulting in data not being saved to permanent memory (ROM)
  • File corruption through software error
  • Virus or malware attack on a computer’s operating system
  • Theft of devices such as smartphones, laptops, and digital cameras
  • Spilling drinks on computers, especially laptops
  • Overheating or electrostatic discharge
  • Losing storage devices like CDs or memory sticks

Less common instances of data loss arise through:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Explosions


How you can protect your data

While there’re many causes of data loss, there’re several ways to protect your important information.

Redundant and backup systems

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent [or Inexpensive] Disks) uses virtualisation technology to boost the performance and reliability of data storage. It combines physical disk drive components into one or more logical units. A RAID system comprises two or more drives working in parallel.

An NAS device connects to a network to enable storage of data from a centralised point for authorised clients and network users. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.

Other forms of backup are provided by USB (universal serial bus) flash drives, CDs and DVDs, and magnetic tape.

The ideal backup system would hold copies of all files and programmes accessible immediately before data loss occurred.

There could also be at least one copy stored off site. Storing backup data in a remote location protects it in the event of a disaster. For example, if a fire destroys your computer, the chances are it’ll also wipe out the external hard drive sitting next to it.

Your lost data is recoverable

Whether your data has been lost through deletion, formatting of a hard drive, or damage to the storage media, it can still be recovered.

A deleted file is generally not overwritten immediately but just has its entry removed from the file system index. In other words, it’s still there although you can’t see it. Your operating system should be able to steer you towards the missing data by tracking every file on your storage.

While it’s possible for a layman to restore deleted files, with the help of, for example, an undelete software product, a formatted hard disk is another story.

Formatting a disk does not erase the data on it, only the data in the address tables, so retrieval of formatted data is possible by professional data recovery services.

Recovery of data from damaged electronic memory devices is similarly possible. In some cases, though, it can be a complex process, particularly if forensic evidence is being sought.

We bring your data back intact

Hire our computer data recovery services specialists

Restoration of lost data can sometimes be a DIY job. In the simplest cases, all that’s involved is transferring information back to your computer from a backup storage device like a CD or memory stick.

Even without a backup system, you can probably get back files you’ve accidentally deleted. Undelete software can recover files from your hard drive even after they’ve been emptied from the computer’s trash bin.

However, there’re many instances of data loss when it’s highly advisable to call in experienced data recovery services.

For example, unless you happen to be an electronics expert, you’ll need professional data rescue services if your hard drive has suffered physical problems. These issues may range from malfunction of electrical or mechanical components to damage sustained by a fire or flood.

For the best chance of retrieving lost data from any storage medium, the golden rule is: if you’re not absolutely sure you know what you’re doing, consult professional data restoration services. This particularly applies to data loss from hard drives and servers including RAID and NAS systems.

Bear in mind that the first attempt at data recovery, when carried out quickly, provides the highest likelihood of full retrieval.

How our data recovery pros work

Data recovery can be divided into 2 areas: hardware and software. Hardware data loss is caused by a physical problem, such as a hard disk drive fault. Software data loss includes overwriting or deletion of files.

Apart from being able to run far more powerful data retrieval software, the professional data recovery company TOTL’s partnering with have technicians highly skilled in repairing storage media for the sole purpose of data extraction.

In addition, the data recovery specialists will have:

  • A certified cleanroom for repairing hard drives, solid-state drives, tape cartridges, and other storage media. A cleanroom is a controlled environment that guarantees a low level of pollutants such as dust and airborne particles, which can damage electronics.
  • Access to an SMD (surface-mount device) rework station for diagnosis of components on hard disk drives and solid-state drives.
  • Special data recovery hardware tools. These include micro-tweezers, anti-static gloves, and write blockers – specialised hard disk controllers to gain read-only access to hard drives without damaging the contents of the drive.
  • Precautions against causing further damage to media, including anti-static workwear.
  • A data recovery workstation with drive connectors and tools to bypass BIOS (basic input/output system).
  • The ability to replace printed circuit boards (PCBs).
  • The skills to take apart a hard disk drive and special equipment to read the platters from a damaged drive.
  • A logical repairs service to handle deleted or corrupted data with specialised utilities after cloning the original media.

Data recovery services of TOTL/Greenergy

Hard disk data recovery services

This entails establishing whether the data loss was caused by a physical hard drive failure, such as damaged hardware, or a logical drive fault like corruption of file system or data.

More about our hard disk data recovery services.

Server data recovery services

Servers play a crucial role in businesses, providing access to data they need to remain productive. However, servers are just as vulnerable to data loss as any other information storage system.

More about our server data recovery services.

NAS data recovery services

Retrieval of lost data from an NAS system is essential for a business to continue providing information to its clients.

More about our NAS data recovery services.

RAID data recovery services

RAID provides a high-performance redundant system for server users, but there’s a risk of data loss from a RAID disk or drive through a faulty component, a system crash, or a power cut or surge.

More about our RAID data recovery services.

Encrypted data recovery services

Most businesses use encryption to protect sensitive information like email archives and wages databases. However, while improving security, encrypted data can create access problems.

More about our encrypted data recovery services.

File data recovery services

The file recovery process involves retrieving or rebuilding lost files from a damaged storage device.

More about our file recovery services.

Data recovery service costs

Our data recovery service costs are:

  • Hard disk drives, SSD, and external hard drives – from S$100 (no physical damage), S$400 (physically damaged)
  • RAID – from S$750 (no physical damage), S$1,500 (physically damaged)
  • Mobile devices – from S$50 (no physical damage), S$150 (physically damaged)
  • SD cards and USB flash drives – from S$75

In the unlikely event your data can’t be recovered, you pay nothing. And if you acquire data recovery services through TOTL, you’ll get faster, priority service absolutely free.

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Expertise you can afford

TOTL is the authorised sales partner of Greenergy, the leading Singaporean specialists in data recovery.

TOTL’s collaboration with Greenergy is aimed at making top-class data retrieval services available to small and medium enterprises (SME) and individuals in Singapore.

Greenergy’s been providing highly-effective, competitively-priced data rescue operations since 1997, using the latest technologies from the US and Russia.

Despite its high level of expertise, Greenergy offers one of the lowest-priced data restoration services here.

Importantly, Greenergy guarantees the confidentiality of your data with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Greenergy possesses an impressive client base that includes:

  • DHL Express (Singapore), which provides international express deliveries to businesses.
  • GP Batteries International (Singapore), which develops, makes and markets batteries and battery-related products.
  • The National University of Singapore, consistently ranked as one of the world’s top universities.

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