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Secure enterprise data erasure services can prevent damage to your business through sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Sometimes, it’s vital for a business to recover lost data. In other circumstances, it’s equally important to ensure the destruction of digital information.

For example, if you’re upgrading your hardware and selling, giving away, or decommissioning old PCs or servers, you won’t want anyone to access the confidential data you’ve stored there.

Permanent erasure of data may also be necessary if you’re issuing PCs, laptops, desktops, tablets, or phones to new employees – to protect individuals and the company against identity theft or corporate espionage.

Unfortunately, getting rid of data forever can be as tricky as recovering lost data – without the right tools and equipment.

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The permanent data erasure solution

Obliterating data isn’t as easy as you might think. Deleting files and formatting storage drives won’t make your data disappear. Deleted data can be retrieved with undelete software, and formatting a drive only gets rid of the data in the address tables.

Without certified data erasure, your business could be running the risk of:

  • Reputational harm if customer information is released through a data breach.
  • Loss of competitiveness if sensitive, commercial information reaches the public domain.
  • Damage to staff morale if their confidential records are accessed by outsiders.

Permanent erasure of data by specialist data erasure services can take different forms:

  • Data wiping. This process is also called overwriting because it writes new data on top of the old to obliterate it. It’s like recording over an old VHS video: the new recording destroys the original one.
  • Degaussing services. Degaussing uses a magnet to scramble the magnetic field of storage media, which destroys the data.
  • Physical destruction. There are numerous methods of physically destroying a hard drive, including shredding with specialised, high-powered equipment, drilling holes in the drive, and hammering the drive.

You may be tempted to undertake physical destruction of a drive yourself, but experts can still retrieve data from physically-damaged drives unless the job has been handled by a professional.

Data erasure specialists will ensure protection against all software-based file recovery methods, meeting the same data erasure standards laid down by the US Defense Department in its DoD 5220.22-M Data Wipe Method.

We ensure your data isn’t retrievable

Certified data erasure services to give you peace of mind

To ensure secure data erasure, you need the help of an experienced data recovery company – Singapore’s Greenergy: they know how to retrieve data, so they know how to destroy it completely.

Greenergy’s certified data erasure services include destruction of data with a powerful HDD degausser.

If you also want physical hard disk destruction as an added security measure, Greenergy will use special tools to completely demolish the disk, cover, casing, platters, and printed circuit board.

On completion, Greenergy will provide you with documentation to certify data erasure.

Data erasure pricing and savings

The data erasure fee is S$25 per item.

If you hire Greenergy through TOTL’s website, you’ll get Priority Fast service free of charge.


Expertise you can afford

TOTL is the authorised sales partner of Greenergy. The partnership is aimed at making high-quality, low-cost secure enterprise data erasure available to small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore.

Members of TOTL have nearly 20 years’ experience in the IT business, and Greenergy has been providing certified data erasure services since 1997. TOTL only partners with fellow service providers of the highest calibre.

Once you’ve taken advantage of the special TOTL discount, Greenergy will handle your data erasure job directly to streamline the process.

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