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TOTL/Greenergy can get back your lost data on storage media

Electronic storage systems are just as vulnerable as computers when it comes to data loss, and retrieving that material can be just as difficult.

Caches of photographs and videos of friends and family, your favourite music and films, and important documents can all seemingly vanish in the blink of an eye.

Types of storage media

Storage media in common use include SD cards, USB flash drives, and magnetic tape – none of them are foolproof.

  • SD (secure digital) cards store data in a flash memory system across a variety of electronic devices, especially phones and digital cameras. These memory cards can be used to upload or back up files, expand storage capacity, and transfer data to another device.
  • USB (universal serial bus) flash drives have replaced floppy disks for storing, transferring, and backing up data.
  • Magnetic tape is a storage medium for data collection, backup, and archiving – typically used by medium to large enterprises. The tape was originally in the form of open reels, which have been superseded by cassettes and cartridges.


How data loss can occur on storage media

File corruption leading to data loss is a common problem with SD cards and USB drives, whereas data on tape can be lost through human error and software and hardware issues.

There’re cases where backup and original data can be lost simultaneously. For instance, if you keep a storage medium near your computer, they’ll both sustain damage in the event of a fire or flood.

That’s why it’s advisable to store backup data in a remote location.

When you’ve lost data from a storage system, your best chance of getting it back is with the help of professional data recovery services.

Whether you’ve lost personal or business data from storage media, the first attempt at retrieval is typically your best shot and maximises the possibility of recovery of all your valuable material.

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Expertise you can afford

TOTL partners with Singaporean data retrieval specialists Greenergy to provide affordable rescue of data from various storage media, including SD card, USB flash drive, and magnetic tape data recovery services.

With members on the team having nearly 20 years of experience in providing IT services to small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore, TOTL only works with fellow service providers who, like us, are honest, efficient, and customer focused.

Greenergy’s data recovery specialists use cutting-edge technology from Russia and the US to retrieve data from storage media.

They work in a cleanroom environment to avoid damage to electronic components from dust and other airborne particles.

Further, Greenergy guarantees customers:

  • Free evaluation/analysis
  • No data retrieval, no fee
  • Free cancellation up to acceptance of a quote
  • Your data will remain confidential (enforced through an NDA – non-disclosure agreement)

The company keeps its fees as low as possible by minimising running costs without sacrificing quality of work.

Greenergy also offers discounts to non-business customers, including students.

And if you hire Greenergy through TOTL, you’ll enjoy Fast Priority service free of the normal charge.

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