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The TOTL/Greenergy SSD (solid-state drive) data recovery service can reclaim your lost treasured data

Our SSD (solid-state drive) data recovery service is THE solution if you’ve lost data from one of these intricate, cutting-edge pieces of finely-tuned technology.

Although solid-state drives are more reliable than hard disk drives, they can still develop faults that result in the disappearance of data.

Today’s SSDs can be notoriously difficult to access. And even if you do manage to get inside one, you’ll be faced with a bewildering array of microchips containing encryption coding and complex algorithms.

How SSDs are different from hard disk drives

Unlike a hard disk drive (HDD), a solid-state drive has no moving components. Instead of storing data on a spinning, magnetically-coated metal platter, an SSD uses an inter-connected system of flash memory chips that retains information when you switch off your computer.  These memory chips differ from those in USB (universal serial bus) thumb drives and are usually faster and more reliable.

SSDs and HDDs both do the same job: booting up your system and storing your programs and personal files. However, an SSD is faster in kick-starting your computer, transferring files, and running programs.

A further advantage of solid-state drives is that they don’t suffer from fragmentation, which occurs when a hard disk drive begins to fill up and large files get scattered around the platter.

The lack of moving parts also makes an SSD more durable against physical impact than hard disk drives.


Signs of a failing SSD that could result in data loss

One potential problem with SSDs is that flash memory stores data as electrical charges, which over time build up and weaken capacity. SSDs are also vulnerable to power surges or outages.

Warning signs of a failing SSD include:

  • A Bad Block error message. This happens when your computer can’t read or save a file.
  • File System Needs Repair warning.
  • Your computer frequently crashes on boot-up.
  • The drive becomes read-only.

A specialist SSD data recovery service markedly increases the chance of retrieving all your lost data

Generally, recovering data from a failed SSD is more difficult than HDD. It also brings some specific challenges not faced by hard disk drive data recovery services. These issues include proprietary algorithms and encryption, and use of epoxy-like substances on chips.

Modern SSD drives in laptops are also far more difficult to access. These computers can be extremely thin, and reaching the casing screws may be impossible for a layman. Even if you can open the casing, many solid-state drives are still inaccessible, sometimes being soldered directly onto other components.

Hence, the viable option to recover data from a dead SSD would be to enlist the help of a professional data recovery company. They’ll open your device in a cleanroom and have the right sockets to match the proprietary connectors.

The sooner you call in the experts after losing SSD data, the better your chances that they can achieve a full data recovery.

TOTL/Greenergy SSD data recovery costs and savings

TOTL, partnering Singapore’s data rescue experts Greenergy, can offer you highly-competitive quotes for solid-state drive data recovery.

Fees for our SSD data recovery service start at:

  • S$100 for non-physical damage
  • S$400 for physical damage

Non-business user and student discounts are available.

Greenergy may also offer to buy a damaged SSD for spares.

A further benefit of the TOTL/Greenergy partnership is that you get free priority, fast service (that would have cost 50% more than normal pricing) when hiring Greenergy through the TOTL website.

SSD brands supported

Our solid-state drive data recovery service covers many brands, including

  • Kingston SSD data recovery
  • Samsung SSD data recovery
  • SanDisk SSD data recovery

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Expertise you can afford

As a Greenergy authorised sales partner, TOTL aims to make affordable, expert SSD data rescue services available to individuals and small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore.

TOTL has close to 20 years of experience in serving the IT needs of the Singaporean commercial community, and we’ll only enter into a business collaboration with a fellow service provider who can assure customers the highest standards of professionalism.

The Greenergy guarantee includes:

  • Free evaluation
  • Free cancellation before a quote is accepted
  • Confidentiality of data
  • No data, no fee

Further, Greenergy’s track record in providing an outstanding solid-state drive data recovery service is mirrored by its notable customer list, including:

  • Singapore Airlines Limited, the flagship carrier airline of Singapore, with its hub at Singapore Changi Airport.
  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, the highly-respected all-girl Catholic primary and secondary school in Singapore, founded in 1933.
  • Expressions International (Singapore), which offers top-class health, beauty and spa services.

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