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TOTL/Greenergy’s external hard drive data recovery service can get all your lost materials back

A skilled external hard drive data recovery service will be required in the event of the loss of the vast number of documents and images these units typically store.

External hard drives

External hard drives are portable or desktop storage devices that come in the form of hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD) and universal serial buses (USB). They generally hold large volumes of data and are used as a back-up for computer files or as a network server.

External hard disk drives operate in the same way as the hard disk drive in your computer, with magnetic heads that read and write data onto rigid platters that spin rapidly. This makes them prone to typical HDD issues requiring a professional hard disk drive data recovery service. These problems include:

  • Overheating
  • Damage to platters
  • Broken spindles
  • Fire and water damage

External solid-state drives store data within microchips, as electrical charges, which with time can build up to a level that degrades performance. USB external drives can be damaged through a power surge or short circuit that puts electrical components like resistors and capacitors out of action.

Signs of a failing external hard drive can include:

  • Noisy operation, or grinding or clicking sounds
  • Files or folders vanishing
  • File corruption error messages
  • Slow access times
USB portable hard drives

USB portable hard drive data recovery encompasses standard HDD and SSD, so are susceptible to the same problems as hard drives. There may also be issues with the external case or interface adaptor. Further, external portable hard drives are often dropped or knocked over, resulting in mechanical failure.

If your portable unit has sustained damage, you should stop using it immediately to avoid further damage. Running a repair utility on the device can result in permanent data loss.


The portable hard drive data recovery service TOTL/Greenergy provides

Identifying the reason for an external hard drive failure can be difficult. And layman have trouble distinguishing between software issues and mechanical failures.

Thus, the safest course of action is to get a free analysis from a reputable external hard drive data recovery service.

In the event of an external hard disk drive problem, our professional technicians have special apparatus to analyse the platters after taking your device apart in a cleanroom environment to avoid airborne particles causing further damage to it.

They can also repair the device in order to perform an effective data rescue.

Data recovery from a faulty solid-state external drive presents particular difficulties because of the use of proprietary connectors, encryption, and algorithms. Our data recovery pros have the expertise and equipment to deal with these issues effectively to get back your data.

External hard drive data recovery costs and savings

In partnership with Singapore-based data recovery experts Greenergy, TOTL’s able to offer highly-competitive pricing for corrupted external hard drive data recovery.

Our fees for external USB hard drive data recovery start from:

  • S$100 for non-physical damage
  • S$400 for physical damage

Discounts for non-business clients are available.

As a further bonus, you’ll get fast, priority service completely free of the normal extra charge of 50% when engaging Greenergy through the TOTL website.

Our external hard drive data recovery service covers a host of popular brands, including:

  • Samsung external hard drive data recovery
  • Seagate external hard drive data recovery
  • Toshiba external hard drive data recovery
  • WD external hard drive data recovery

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Expertise you can afford

The TOTL/Greenergy combination provides highly professional and extremely affordable external hard drive data recovery services for individuals and small and medium enterprises (SME) in Singapore.

TOTL, with nearly 20 years’ IT commerce experience, is very picky when it comes to business collaborations: we’ll only engage with the most reputable service providers. This is why we agreed to be a Greenergy Authorised Sales Partner.

Greenergy’s expertise as external hard drive data recovery specialists is highlighted by their significant customer base, which includes:

  • M1 Singapore (formerly Mobile One), one of the leading telecommunications companies here, founded in 1994.
  • FotoHub Holdings, the Singaporean digital imaging and printing service founded in 1987.
  • The INSEAD business school in Singapore, founded in 1999.

The Greenergy external hard drive data recovery service guarantee includes:

  • Free analysis
  • Free cancellation before a quote is accepted
  • Confidentiality of data
  • No fee if data isn’t recovered

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