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TOTL/Greenergy would get your lost valuable data back

If you lose data from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your first reaction may well be panic. However, all is not lost – literally.

TOTL, a company specialising in data recovery services, will give you the best chance of retrieving your valuable data, whether it’s images representing precious memories or information vital to an individual or small business.

Data loss can occur no matter which computing device you use

PCs and laptops store your data on a hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD). Tablets utilise SSDs to keep size down, while a smartphone also uses SSD flash memory technology, typically SD (Secure Digital) cards.

Hard drives comprise many moving parts that are prone to mechanical damage leading to loss of data. Other hard drive issues include overheating and virus attack.

Solid-state drive technology is more reliable than that of HDDs, but still susceptible to data loss through power cuts or surges, or an overload of the electrical charges that represent your data.


Backup devices provide protection, but there’re still instances of data loss

Backup storage systems include external hard drives, USB (universal serial bus) flash drives, optical drives like CDs (compact disks) and DVDs (digital videos disks or digital versatile disks), and magnetic tape, often used by businesses to archive records.

USBs can lose data through accidental formatting or deletion. CDs and DVDs can get scratched to such an extent that data is corrupted, and information held on tape can be lost through human, hardware or software errors.

Highly-effective data rescue services

Whatever the cause of your data loss, and from whatever device or backup media, TOTL/Greenergy can help you get your data back.

TOTL partners with Singaporean data retrieval company Greenergy to provide expert and affordable data recovery services including:

Over 85% of data rescue operations carried out by Greenergy result in retrieval of data. In 90% of these cases, the lost material is recovered in its entirety.

Lost your data and need it retrieved?

We have the expertise to help you out.
Plus we don't charge if no data is recovered.


Expertise you can afford

Greenergy provides trailblazing data rescue solutions, and its skilled technicians and engineers have access to the latest state-of-the-art data recovery technologies and equipment.

Nevertheless, the company manages to keep its prices highly competitive by streamlining overheads without compromising quality of work.

Further, Greenergy reduces its fees for non-business clients, including students. And, if you hire Greenergy through TOTL, you’ll get Greenergy’s fast, priority service free of charge.

Whether you’ve lost business or personal data, bear in mind that the first attempt at recovery is usually the one that provides the highest possibility of a successful outcome. In other words, you may not get a second chance, so it makes sense to bring in the experts.

Greenergy guarantees customers:

  • Free evaluation/analysis
  • No data retrieval, no fee
  • Free cancellation up to acceptance of a quote
  • Your data will remain confidential (through NDA – non-disclosure agreement)

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